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Training Info

This Sun, Sept 18th, the MAS MMA Dojo will start its training session again, iA. See you all there.

The training is held every Sunday, 3-4:30 PM at MAS-Charlotte Center (4301 Shamrock Drive | Charlotte | NC | 28215 )

The training uses a mixed martial arts approach (Silat, Aikido and Karate.) After covering the basics, the training will focus on the White Eagle Silat martial art style. Advanced students (Orange Belt and Higher) will be introduced to Aikido, grappling and weapons techniques.  Students are encouraged to keep an open mind and a sharp eagle eye on what other martial art styles/masters offer, especially from the great in house team of instructors.

Instructors Team:
Zaid Sensi         (White Eagle Silat & Aikido)
Ayman Sensi     (Karate Shotokan & Aikido)
Mario Sensi       (Tae Kwon Do & Kick Boxing)
Nasim Sensi      (Jujitsu & MMA experience)

See you there.

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